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Hello Clayton County residents!


I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Chairwoman of Clayton County. It is an incredible privilege to serve the entire county and work towards its progress and prosperity. I firmly believe that Clayton County has immense potential, and as Chairwoman, I am committed to harnessing that potential to create a brighter future for all residents.


My decision to run for Chairwoman is driven by a deep-rooted desire to bring positive change to Clayton County as a whole. I understand the challenges and aspirations of our diverse communities, and I am dedicated to ensuring that every corner of the county thrives.

Here are the key pillars of my vision for Clayton County:

Inclusive Economic Growth

I will prioritize economic development initiatives that benefit all residents, promoting job opportunities, supporting local businesses, and attracting investments that uplift the entire county.

Quality Education: 

I am committed to working closely with the Clayton County School System to improve educational outcomes for our students. By fostering innovation, providing necessary resources, and strengthening partnerships between schools and the community, we can create a pathway to success for every child.

Efficient Transportation: 

I will champion the enhancement of our transportation infrastructure, ensuring convenient access to reliable transit options for all residents. By collaborating with relevant stakeholders, such as the Georgia Department of Transportation and MARTA, we can improve connectivity and mobility throughout Clayton County.

Safe and Vibrant Communities: 

Public safety is a top priority for me. I will work closely with law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and residents to implement effective strategies that promote safety, reduce crime, and enhance the overall well-being of our communities.

Transparent and Responsive Governance: 

I strongly believe in the importance of transparency and open communication in governance. I will actively engage with residents, fostering a culture of inclusion and ensuring that your voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes.

I am deeply committed to serving the best interests of all Clayton County residents. With my extensive experience, community involvement, and dedication, I will work tirelessly to move Clayton County forward.


I humbly ask for your support and the opportunity to lead Clayton County as its Chairwoman. Together, let us build a thriving, united, and prosperous Clayton County for generations to come. #ClaytonCountyStrong


Enhancing Beautification and Public Safety in Clayton County

Commissioner Felicia Franklin worked towards investing in Clayton County sidewalks, streetlights, and demanded a spotlight on safety infrastructure measures.

Working with fellow Clayton County Commissioners, Commissioner Felicia Franklin helped approve funding for a dedicated District 3 Refuse Control Crew, the Citizens License Review Board, passed a Truck Parking Ordinance, and had ongoing collaboration with the Georgia Department of Transportation addressing safety and beautification concerns on Tara Boulevard.

Commissioner Felicia Franklin emphasized curb appeal and worked to approve Quality of life Task Force grants that helped communities beautify entrances and exits, home improvement projects, recycling, and volunteerism, further building upon the Keep Clayton Beautiful campaign.

Empowering Graduating Seniors with College Acceptances and Scholarships in Clayton County

In the past, Commissioner Felicia Franklin collaborated with Clayton County Public Schools to annually transport all graduating seniors to a College Fair. At the fair, the students received on-site college acceptance and scholarships.


Through this partnership, Felicia Franklin worked together with local industry leaders, public schools, colleges, and universities to develop career-preparatory workforce training programming. The focus was on targeting internships in Clayton County's private sector strengths, including film and entertainment, construction, and logistics.

Fostering County Growth, Economic Development, and Community Partnerships in Clayton County

In the past, Commissioner Felicia Franklin understood the need for county growth and authorized the first county-wide, comprehensive re-branding campaign. They took the lead in creating county-wide events such as the "A Taste of Clayton Arts" Music and Food Festival, which was held in conjunction with the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Commissioner Franklin supported and promoted small businesses and entrepreneurs.

They also established the first "Holiday Pop Up Shop" and initiated the "Community on the Rise" Builders and Developers Initiative. This initiative was driven by the aim to increase the quality of home and commercial construction projects in Clayton County.

During their tenure as commissioner, Felicia Franklin solidified partnerships with GDOT, CCPD, CFES, and MARTA for the development of 19/41 and HWY 85. They also collaborated with the business community on various initiatives and projects, including the Lovejoy Chick-Fil-A, Olive Garden, Eden Fresh, LTI Industries, and Southlake Mall. These economic engines supported Clayton County District 3 constituents. Additionally, Commissioner Franklin worked with municipalities to promote quality growth, including zoning of mixed-use projects on Hwy 85, encompassing restaurants, homes, and soccer fields.

Vice-Chair of the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority

Commissioner Felicia Franklin served as Vice-Chair of the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority for 5 years. In this role, she supported residents and oversaw major road and transit infrastructure investments for a 13-county region, focusing on creating training and employment opportunities.

As Vice-Chair, Commissioner Felicia Franklin actively promoted collaboration among current and future transit partners. She worked closely with regional stakeholders to develop long-term mobility options that would bring transit services to communities in need. Her efforts aimed to enhance accessibility and improve transportation options for the region's residents.


Commissioner Felicia Franklin is the District 3 Commissioner of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners. Felicia Franklin is a compassionate and committed public servant who works tirelessly to achieve collective success, with a vision of a prosperous, connected, and empowered Clayton County, encapsulated by the motto of "Transforming Our Community Together!" and “Together, Clayton Excels!”


Commissioner Felicia Franklin has been leading with a transformative agenda focused on economic development, transit, and mobility. Felicia Franklin served as the Vice-Chair of The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority for five years, representing District 10, and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Women of Influence in Georgia Engineering. Her dedication to transportation extends to her role as Vice Chair of the Transit/Rail Subcommittee on the Transportation Steering Committee.


In addition to her regional engagements, Commissioner Felicia Franklin actively contributes to national and international platforms. Felicia Franklin serves as a member of the International Economic Development Taskforce with the National Association of Counties, highlighting her commitment to fostering economic growth. Furthermore, Commissioner Felicia Franklin holds the distinction of being a Certified Commissioner by the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute and the ACCG Policy Committee, showcasing her expertise in governance and public administration.


Commissioner Felicia Franklin's notable accomplishments include receiving the Northridge Estates Community Leader Award in 2019, the Clayton County Public Schools Living Legend Award in 2018, and the President's Lifetime Achievement Award from President Obama and the Corporation for National and Community Service in 2017. Her dedication to public service has also been recognized by the US Securities Exchange Commission and Georgia Applied Systems. Felicia Franklin was recently recognized by Georgia Trend Magazine as a Top 50 Notable Georgian.


Beyond her political achievements, Commissioner Felicia Franklin is deeply involved in her community. Felicia Franklin is a charter member of Women of Clayton County, a member of the National Council of Negro Women, and a founding member of Light of Joy Church. Felicia Franklin has also been a strong supporter of the Lake Spivey Rotary Club, exemplifying her commitment to service organizations.


Commissioner Felicia Franklin's background in business and entertainment has played a significant role in her successful leadership. As a graduate of the University of Miami's renowned School of Business, Felicia Franklin specializes in business development, project and event management, strategic planning, employee benefits, and real estate. Her diverse professional experiences include working with esteemed organizations such as the Magic Johnson Foundation, TVOne, and Black Entertainment Television. Commissioner Felicia Franklin's expertise has enabled her to identify and leverage business opportunities, fostering growth and advancement in local communities while supporting nonprofit organizations.


In her second term, Commissioner Felicia Franklin has spearheaded the revitalization of the historic Flint River community. Under her leadership, the new Flint River Community Center and Boys & Girls Club have been established, providing intergenerational programming and igniting the unlimited potential of children. Additionally, the first black box theater in the Southern Crescent has been introduced, promoting cultural exchanges and enriching the entire Clayton County community.


Commissioner Felicia Franklin recognizes the fundamental responsibility of County Commissioners in providing emergency and safety services to citizens, as well as ensuring well-maintained roads. In District 3, Felicia Franklin remains committed to road safety and acknowledges the hard work of the transportation and development employees who diligently ensure clear and safe roads for the community.


Additionally, Commissioner Felicia Franklin's passion for the performing arts has led her to promote positive productivity among youth. Felicia Franklin has utilized her platform as Miss North Miami (FL) 1994, Miss University of Miami 1996, and Miss Fulton County (GA) 1998 to advocate for the performing arts and empower young individuals.


With Commissioner Felicia Franklin's transformative vision, extensive leadership experience, and commitment to community service, she continues to shape a thriving and empowered Clayton County, working hand in hand with constituents and stakeholders to create lasting positive change.


Commissioner Felicia Franklin is the proud mother of four children, including two visual artists and a set of renaissance twins. She resides in the Hampton, Georgia community.



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